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Spiritual message for 08 06 2017

about 1 year ago

The Divine is totally free from self-interest; whatever He does is utterly blameless and is solely for the welfare of the world. There is nothing beyond His powers. He is the creator, the protector and the destroyer. When God chooses to protect, no one asks why He protects. On the other hand, when God does not protect, people question His inaction and when the Lord punishes, people ask, “Why does God inflict punishment?” Indeed, such questions are motivated by selfishness and self-interest. Every Divine action is just and righteous. Your duty is to pray to God and secure His Grace. When Sakkubai wanted to join the pilgrims going to Pandharpur, Lord Krishna decided to show to the world her good reputation, and duty-consciousness towards her husband and in-laws. So Krishna assumed her form and subjected Himself to all kinds of harassments from her mother-in-law, while the real Sakkubai was blissfully away in Pandharpur. The Lord is ever ready to subject Himself to any hardship to uphold Dharma and shower Grace on His devotees.