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Spiritual message for 05 06 2017

about 1 year ago

Develop the quality of forgiveness (Kshama) and refrain from harshness in speech. You must realise that if you give up forbearance and forgiveness, you will have no peace. Whatever anyone may do to you, do not bother about it. What is it you lose on account of their ill behavior? If you resort to retaliation, you will only worsen your condition! You have no idea either of your strength or weakness. Face such situations bravely and do not allow yourself to be agitated over them. You must win over the other by your forbearance. Make forbearance your life-breath and your ideal. You all have the sweet essence of kindness, peace and compassion in you abundantly. With God’s grace, you are free from grief and bad qualities – Do not let them in! Foster the spirit of kindness and love. Treat life as a game and emerge victorious by leading an ideal-filled life. This is the victory you must achieve!