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Spiritual message for 31 05 2017

about 1 year ago

Man who is endowed with the intelligence to pick and choose, to benefit from the past and prepare for the future, must utilise every Karma performed to purify the mind from the dross of low desire. Karma is any activity, action or deed. The Veda insists on rites, rituals, ceremonies, etc., but not as mere reward oriented acts. Such selfish acts are resorted to by birds and beasts. Karma has to be for him an act of worship, an offering to God, a fulfillment of duty. The only reward one must look forward to is the victory over selfishness achieved by the development of detachment. Selfish desire to appropriate for oneself the gains of actions, breeds pride, greed and hatred. Karma as dictated by duty and the higher impulses is the primary step in the journey to one’s Reality.