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Spiritual message for 30 05 2017

about 1 year ago

The core of this Universe is the Supreme Self (Paramatma). We can describe the Universe but the Supreme Self is beyond all description. Both the cognisable and the non-cognisable have emanated from the same One Indivisible Consciousness. Each is full and complete in itself. The individual consciousness is the manifestation of the Cosmic Consciousness. When the material sheath falls off, it merges in its source. The Vedas declare, “This is full, that is full. From the full emerges the full. When the Full is taken from the full, the full remains full”. So the Cosmos, the World, the Individual – all are embodiments of the Full. Nothing is fractional or incomplete. Hence all is indeed Divine. But this awareness of the immanence of the Universal can come to your experience when the ‘I’ consciousness is forgotten. When the ‘I’ in you disappears, you automatically become fit to know the ‘non-I’.