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Spiritual message for 06 05 2017

about 1 year ago

There are many noble mothers in this world. But Mother Easwaramma was the chosen one. I chose her to be My mother! As Sai’s glory began to spread far and wide, she came to Me one day and said, “Swami, I am pained to see small children of our village walking all the way to Bukkapatnam to attend school. Please construct a small school.” Conforming to her wish, I established a small school. After some time, she wanted a small hospital also to be established here. She said she could not bear to see the mothers taking the trouble of carrying their children to Bukkapatnam for medical treatment. Accordingly I got a small hospital built. The small school that I established has become a big university today. The small hospital that I constructed has become a Super Specialty Hospital. These mighty tasks could be accomplished as a result of the Sathya Sankalpa (genuine noble wish) of Mother Easwaramma and Nitya Sankalpa (Eternal Divine Will) of Sai.