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Spiritual message for 05 05 2017

about 1 year ago

Mother is not just an ordinary woman; she is verily God. Scriptures give mothers an exalted position in the Universe. Worship her and attain her grace. Once you have the blessings of your mother, you can achieve anything in this world. Never disobey or displease her. Never cause displeasure to your mother. Never hurt her feelings. Then God will help you in all your endeavours. Even today, there is no dearth of noble mothers. They feel pained to see their children straying away from the right path. They leave no stone unturned to correct them. A woman’s prayer is more powerful than a thousand prayers of men because women are pure and tender-hearted. Never look down upon women. Treat all elderly women as your mother and the younger ones as your sisters. The world will remain safe and secure only when men have such noble feelings.