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Spiritual message for 03 05 2017

about 1 year ago

A pure devotee is one who possesses the quality of Udasina, being indifferent to external happening. The other quality a devotee must have is being free from egoism and possessiveness. And one should also get rid of the idea of doership and ownership and surrender everything to God. Krishna has declared in the Gita that such a devotee is dear to Him. Such a devotee naturally develops detachment towards all worldly concerns and is indifferent to the happenings in the phenomenal world. He is indifferent to praise or blame, pleasure or pain. Another quality you must have is giving up attachment to the fruits of one’s actions. Everything belongs to the Divine. Hence, engage yourself in worthy acts and experience God. Everyone in the divine mission, unaffected by success or failure, joy or sorrow, will receive God’s grace abundantly.