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How to get rid of karmic ties and why

10 months ago

How to Disconnect Deciding to disconnect from a soul that your past, present and future are intertwined with can be a difficult task, albeit a necessary one if: - The particular soul in your current lifetime is harassing you - The particular soul seems to cause you more pain than joy - The particular soul is not part of this world

Choosing to cut the cord once and for all is only advised when your soul is bound to a negative other, one that is harmful and possibly feeds off you. Some people even have memories of living throughout the Middle-Ages, having taken part in dark rituals, summoned harmful beings and created ties with creatures they now realize are not good for their current balance. Some other people simply want to shake off the negativity their soul had picked up during another lifetime. But most of us simply want to get rid of the influence of souls who, in this lifetime, have harmed and troubled us.

This simple and easy method will help you consecrate yourself of that influence and break any ties between you and your past.

10 months ago

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10 months ago

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9 months ago

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