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Speed of Moon and Mercury in chart

over 4 years ago

I had observe from my long observation that, Moon average speed is 12 degree per day., and Mercury average speed 1 degree per day, both speed always different, and variable,.

Moon indicating feeling and emotion, Mercury indicate skill, intelligency.

In in any one chart Moon is on fast speed (14degree) and Mercury also fast speed (2.00degree) person will be very intelligent, brilliant and success in the life.

In any one chart If Moon is fast and mercury is slow speed, then person will be Lazy and dreamy personality.

In any one chart If Mercury is on fast speed and Moon is slow speed (11 degree)then person skill and intelligency will be used by some one.

If any one chart If Moon is slow speed and Mercury is also slow speed, the person will be criminal minded and will not progress in the life.

over 4 years ago

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