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Available today until 10 pm CST to connect with you and deliver powerful spiritual messages! Our initial connection is free!


I am grateful to be of service to you.

Upon connection I will take some (free time) to connect with you. If the connection is not made, then there will be no charge for your introductory session. If a connection is made, then we will proceed to hire.

No judgment is cast, no opinions are given, just honest and direct answers and assistance to what you are seeking. With that said an average chat and/or call is approximately 10 minutes to receive accurate guidance.

I am ethically and spiritually bound to be honest with you. I do stand by my consultations and accuracy.

Remember we are spiritual beings that exchange energy. I ask before you contact me to be centered, have clear concise questions, and be open to what the messages will bring. When messages come through, you may not completely understand at the moment. Breathe it in and allow the spirit realms to do its work. Spirit does not work with the mindset of this world, meaning "instant gratification." Allow the answers to be presented.

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