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Gaia spiritual advisor


I provide photographic analysis and psychic guiding. I have had and continue to have precognate dreams where my dreams have come to pass with exact precision, appearing almost like cinematic scenes with extreme clarity and exactitude. My aunt and godmother has been a practcising cartomancer for years and has opened me to the world of spirituality and clairvoyancy. People whom I have analysed photographs for or have done readings for have commented on how well I connected and on my accuracy. I have predicted a birth for example. I hope mostly to be able to help you.

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I do not have a spiritual qualifications but I am a quite well educated person and openminded too. I have read on different spiritual methods for years now.


I have observed,performed and recieved psychic and spiritual readings for years now. I have inherited the gift of clairvoyancy from a clairvoyant and cartomancer godmother. I have and continue to have precognate dreams, dreams that come true with exact precision, they come like visions and in a very detail manner. I have predicted events that have occured in my life but also in others like the birth of someone’s else child. I have performed tarot and playing card readings but do not offer them at the moment, I have also done photographic analysis.

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