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Life Coach and Soul Catalyst. Providing Ecological Cures


I work with people on all levels to bring them onto a solid platform where they are fully supported and have a ready resource to gain direction from. I will help you see where you are blocked and teach you the protocal that will return you to flow. Thank you for you time and the wonderful consideration it takes to get your life in ORDER> Many blessings as you begin the most important joureny of your existence.

I will show you how you Create a Unified Field Of Luminous Synergy. The formula is as follows: serve and empower create and contribute focus and distribute s+e = c+c = f+d = s+e

I work with and on the Body Mind Spirit and soul and will work with your Words and vocabulary that may be keeping you stuck. I will work on your well being and health. Prescribing tools and training to carry on the work after the session.

There is a beautiful being waiting to emerge in your reality and give you control of your life. My Goal is to help you to develop a trusted bond with YOU.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

I have the Degree of life. I am a Shaman blessed by the Elders of the 4 Winds. I am a member of many circles and networks.


14 years experience of one on one life intensive training, Raw Food, health and well being training, Work in Retreats and Health Institute. Work Side by side with many Natural paths and Herbalist.

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