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LOVE & LIFE GUIDANCE <3 TUNE IN REALLY FAST=) Empath. Clairvoyant. Clairsentient. Medium. Tarot

Since I was very young: I can feel what the person you are thinking about is feeling in my body or how things in your future will make you feel.

Have done readings for 10+ years.

I can not only feel what people are feeling or thinking but I can pick up smells, hear things, and use all my senses to help you gain peace in the moment.

When it comes to life coaching I love helping people achieve balance within themselves so they can be successful with relationships in their lives. I can pick up peoples weaknesses and fears that only stand in the way of their desired goals.

Twin Flames

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Was highest Rated on Purple Ocean for months Oranum 10+ years of readings Different clients including: Trauma Victims, Love seekers, Celebrity Clients, Writers, etc

-Relationships / Love

-Past, Future, Present



-Twin Flames

-Coaching on spiritual awakenings Uniting with loved ones who have passed away

-Coaching on balancing your life and twin flame relationships

-Empowering clients using different techniques such as kundalini, helping them raise their vibrations and frequencys,etc

-Divine feminine/ divine masculine coaching

Can answer any questions having to do with love, work, future, either using my gifts or tarot. Tarot cards are a tool but if requested I can read them as well but they are not necessary.

-Dream analysis and help with lucid dreaming

Guided Meditation: 30 min $150 -Inner Child Work -Twin Flame Connection -3D/5D Read in English and Spanish

$150 30min $300 an hour

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Media: Audio Call, Video Call

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