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I give advice for your relationship to work out, for you to be more happy and learn how to appreciate the inner and outer beauty of your partner, for you to be able to understand your partner better. How to make your sexual relationship more exciting. I will help you on how to make your relationship more meaningful and worth it. I can be a friend and a good listener, and you can share whatever you want to share, anything under the sun. Let’s help you fall in love all over again with your partner. Let’s make your relationship last forever. Let’s heal your relationship with the help of God. :) Matthew 19:6 "Since they are no longer two but one, let no one split apart what God has joined together.""

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I am an admin of a group called CMW (Certified Moms and Wives) in Facebook, i made the group last March 2012 and there are 900+ members already ever since. I have healed some of the relationship of wives in that group that was almost broken, through our prayers and with the help of God they were able to work things out with their partner. Everyone is allowed to join as long as they understand the meaning and purpose of the group.


I can say that i have survived a lot of hard trials that me and my husband have encountered. Because of my love and faith, we are going steady and strong. I am here to share what i have been through, to talk and give advice not just out of nothing but out of my experiences for you to really believe that nothing is impossible in the name of love.

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